Saturday, January 8, 2011

One handed reading on my new Kindle

Yes, I broke down and bought one:

Much like my 12 year son, I seem to be more productive if there is a technology gadget involved.

But this is not just a gadget.  I’ve only had a Kindle for three days and I am finally reading again. I have read more in the past three days than I have all year (yes sad).  Why?

Portability:  If I’m relaxing I don’t have to preplan what I will read and bring the books.  Instead, on a whim, I can decide what to read.

One handed reading:  I can hold the Kindle in one hand, drink coffee/tea  or even pet my dogs with the other hand while I’m reading.  Great for my ‘multi tasking’ nature.  The iPad is so much heavier.

Contrast:  The Kindle is easy to read-much easier than some cheaper paperbacks or even some hard cover books.  Reading the Kindle is not an exercise in eye strain.

Highlight phrases:  I love being able to highlight phrases that are relevant to me.  Then being able to post these excerpts on Facebook is an added bonus.

Price of books:  This is related to the spontaneous factor again.  If I want to read a book – in a matter of minutes I can start reading it (free, real cheap or cheaper than the book).  I am in the process of reading three books right now.  Who knows, tonight that might turn into five books in a matter of hours.

There are still many features I haven’t discovered, but so far I love the Kindle. 

I have hardcover books to finish and I’m very tempted to just buy them for the Kindle because I don’t even want to pick them up.

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  1. Always wondered if I would like one of these. I think my biggest fear is that real books will one day be obsolete. Fast forward 100 libraries, no new books being published. Love the smell of new books! :))))I can see how the kindle helps people read more, which is always great, but I just hope they never replace real books. I still might get one for the summer for when I traveling.

  2. I was a bit reluctant to get one because I do like books, the feel and the smell. And I love seeing books in bookshelves. But I must admit the Kindle is more portable and for me easier to read also. I recently read it in a real sunny in the ad-no glare.

    I love the free books too.