Monday, April 8, 2013

Distress Scramble

After sautéing add the eggs very slows and stir gently on medium heat,
 make sure the creamy consistency is retained

Sautee vegetables

It was one of those days.  Long work day, long commute, and various taxes due (increased ones).  Eating was not a high priority.  At 8 PM I had a choice of:

  1. Carry out
  2. Dine out
  3. Not eat (was most tempted to do this)
  4. Try to find something healthy eat home and prepare it (but not in the mood)

Options 1 and 2 were not appealing because I knew most quick outside solutions would be unhealthy, high in sodium and fat.  Sure I occasionally indulge in such items, but one can do this only so many times and get away with it. 
I really was tempted to skip a meal since I wasn’t even hungry.

I finally settled on option 4.  I had some organic eggs, baby portabella mushrooms and some other vegetables.  This is a very flexible dish.  You can use what you have, I wish I had spinach, but didn’t.  Also, , tomato is a common ingredient for this dish, but I didn’t have any.

Simple Recipe:

Gently beat 10 organic eggs and add a little paprika
Chop a small or half of a large onion
Chop 1-2 garlic
Boil some potatoes (but don’t overboil) and chop
Wash and slice mushrooms
Chop parsley (1tsp)
Optional -Various spices that you like (e.g., cumin, turmeric…but in very small quantity)

And other vegetables as desired.

Pan fry vegetables in olive oil (not extra virgin as it has a lower smoking point).
Typically add the onions first, then mushrooms and towards the end potatoes and the chopped garlic.

When onions are translucent and vegetables look ready, slowly pour eggs in medium batches and stir.  Keep gently stirring until done.
This was tasty and there is nothing to feel bad about (not with the dish at least).

This is not a frittata, but it has a very creamy consistency.

The only problem, I don't want to waste the great flavor on doing taxes.

Note:  Organic eggs do have much better nutritional content than their non organic version (the chicken’s diet impacts the nutrients in the eggs).

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Imhotep Resurrection

Home made chicken jambalaya (organic non hormoned/antibioticed chicken)

It's possible to eat out real food that's even fun

I haven’t blogged for a while.  Talking to other bloggers, this is apparently a common phase a blogger goes through.  Blog, stop and realize that it’s time to blog again since there is so much to blog about and then stagnate on that thought for a while.  We all know if we don’t
keep the blog fresh and new it will die for sure.  If it’s already dead, we need to resurrect.  So I’m entering the resurrection phase.

First, why the loss in continuity?  Time as usual is never enough and unlike the Rolling Stones claim, it’s not on my side (but it’s definitely on their side).  I have more than full time life/career and in my spare time, I am also running a hobby site (totally unrelated to this blog) that now too needs resurrecting also. Plus I have many other interests and responsibilities.

So as part of the resurrection process, it’s time to self analyze.  Why did I start this blog in the first place, and was I true to its original mission? 
There are multiple reasons why I started this blog.  Mostly, I refused to accept that garbage processed food is the natural outcome of a busy life style.  Friends would ask me for recipes – oh how did you make this without some key unhealthy ingredient?
It is well known that I personally avoid dairy like the plague.  This passionate hatred for dairy was initially the outcome of my son’s G.I. issues; an up and coming form of food allergy called Eosinophilic Esophagitis – a strange allergy of the esophagus that can only be diagnosed via an endoscopy / biopsy.  A condition you don’t ‘grow out of.’  So after his diagnosis, we tried the elimination diet (off the top 8 allergens) and it worked.  His condition cleared up.  The next 7 years were spent trying to figure out which of those 8, if not all, are causing this reaction (food trialà endoscopyàconclusion).   Over the years he gained back soy, wheat, eggs, fish and now the biggest one of them, with respect to his lifestyle, DAIRY, the most common trigger for EoE (the odds were against us).

So, back to this blog. since it’s not a food allergy blog. Over the past 8 years, I learned a lot about processed foods, ingredients, and how to make food taste good without bad ingredients.  Eating this way I stopped getting sinus infections, etc. I wanted to share this knowledge.  Cooking and living this way led to the Hegelian dialectic and hence paradigm shift.  So I started blogging about how to shop, cook and live with real food ingredients while avoiding some culprits that have been shown to be carcinogens and causes of diabetes.  I started posting recipes and shopping tricks. Then I had no time.  Taking photos and uploading them was easy.  It’s the recipes that slowed down the process.  I don’t really follow recipes.  I create dishes on the fly.  For a new dish I always read multiple recipes that formed the foundation.  Then I create my own recipe in my head as I apply some foundations that too are in my head. 
 Plus the whole purpose of the blog wasn’t to be a pure recipe blog.  There are plenty of great recipe blogs out there.

So as with any resurrection, remember Imhotep, it’s time to get back to the basics.  The rest follows (“Imhotep, Imhotep” – famous follows quote from The Mummy).

So to apply the Imhotep resurrection model, the first entry is to remind (including myself) why I blog.  With that step completed, I’ve set a goal for myself on the frequency  of new blog entries, even if not a full blown recipe, something valuable the reaffirms.  So for now, this entry is just a reminder that one can live a busy life without ingesting garbage.  One doesn’t need a food allergy or EoE to do this. 

While unwinding from a long workday, I found  this new source, it too is a reminder.  “We have to cook our way out of this mess” – blogs and events like this are reminders not stray off the path.  It’s the anti unhealthy campaign that we are exposed to daily (fast food and processed foods):

Due to my son being able to eat dairy, we can now eat out more (no dread of dairy cross contamination-if the spatula touched cheese, nobody will get sick).  But dining out is a science too.  Some restaurants have better dishes than some others. I’ve found a few that are ‘less evil’ than some others. Serving real food is of course the first criteria to even visiting it.

Healthy food is NOT boring.  It’s the lack of know how and some social conditioning that leads to people thinking that it is.

Yes-no meat and it's tasty

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