Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ace of Non Dairy Cakes?

Time to organize and consolidate my recipes and techniques that right now are mostly memorized in my head.

Maybe he will be the Ace of Non Dairy Cakes?
Although it was not Valentine's Day-a Birthday cookie cake all pink (requested)
Home made heart shaped Valentine's Day chocolates

This was designed by Jordan....not really sure about what's going on....
My original decoration until Jordan went wild with some 'abstract concepts'
Well it’s time to get organized (maybe if I state it more than once I will actually do it).  I will be adding the recipes for cookie cakes and the type of frosting that is best for decorating (all with no dairy).  I hope to do this within the next few days.  Although I do use eggs, the standard egg substitutions work great (I had to bake without eggs for a while-used Ener G egg replacer exactly as directed or the apple sauce trick….it worked great).  So with the egg replacer these recipes can also be vegan.

Also, if anyone is interested in making valentine candies, I will post something on to make such chocolates.  I HAVE to make my own because it has to be made in a nut free/dairy free facility to avoid cross contamination.  There is only one supplier that sells shaped chocolates from an allergen free facility and they don’t have these shapes.  What they do carry costs a fortune.
So I buy Enjoy Life chocolate chips (the only ones I trust), made in an allergen free facility so no traces of nuts, dairy or gluten and soy for those who are avoiding it.
I bought the standard molds from Michaels and ordered the heart shaped box and paper on-line.  Then I made the chocolate molds and wrapped each one separately.  I do the same thing for any other holiday candy (just different molds from Michaels).

Heart shaped cookie pans are available even at Target (they usually have a special themed section around the holidays).

I used to be adamant about using only butter in my cookies and frosting….but I actually like this better and the lack of dairy in our diet has huge benefits.

The key ingredients for these items:
  • Bob’s Red Mill Pastry Flour (versus the more processed white flour)
  • Spectrum Shortening
  • Earth Balance Vegan Shortening (not the soy butter sticks-this comes in a green box and so far I only found it at Whole Foods)

I’m not the best cake decorator, so I often try to recruit family members to help decorate.  It’s a fun activity and it gets my son away from his video games.  Maybe he can be he next Ace of Cakes guy.

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  1. I wish I could remember the woman I saw on the cooking channel, who created her own brand of flour and pastry dry mixes she makes herself. She was sick for years (starving to death, even though she was eating) because of her allergy problems. After she was diagnosed, she was determined to still be able to eat the pastries she loved, so she learned to make all her own flour and dry mixes.

    I can see Jordan going along this route if he had the drive to. I think it's a growing concern in the United States, even if it still seems under the radar. You hear the words "food allergy" and "glutton" a lot more than ever did in the past. With the new concern over processed foods and the growing organic market, I think it's a great area to focus on.

  2. Yes, you are right the reasons for cooking this way have been increasing. For those with allergies cross contamination and avoiding allergens is essential. But as you say, many prefer to eliminate some processed foods and some ingredients from their lives.

    I wish I had the time to go this route....and maybe I will find some time...but maybe Jordan can. I saw a little segment on the Ace of Cakes guy on CNN, it's amazing how he started.

    I think the lady that did the flour mixes (I've used her methods and bought her book when Jordan was off of gluten) is Betty Hagman.....I used her recipes for baking breads and other things.