Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cooking, Writing, and Surviving

Autumn is the right time for some contemplation

For those who are familiar with The Walking Dead, when the Governor was asked by his new partner “What are you doing?” He replied,  “Surviving.”  A great line from the series.

But since we are not living in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, we can probably do a little more than just survive, but are we?

As I was looking for an item in the basement, I came across some old letters written by me when I was 18 and some letters I received.  I was somewhat surprised by the great quality of the writing, the intensity, tight writing styles as well as the precision to express feelings, barriers and other daily life events.  The letters (from me and others) didn’t have “I miss you, got to go, brb, ttyl” .  Instead the sentences captured exactly the sentiments felt at the time along with the realities.   One built, strengthened  and forged relationships with such letters.  No, these letters weren’t written in the 1800s; they were contemporary and modern.  I felt a sense of loss that I no longer write like that.  As I lost the knowledge of some languages (Russian and German), I have lost the ability to express myself that way, for whatever purpose.

This blog was initially inspired by my need to advocate some healthier food options and share some techniques to achieve such meals.   Cooking is somewhat of a dying art.  People want quick instant food, processed food.  Cooking is too hard, too time consuming and to many, just not worth it.  Creating is too hard.

Many also communicate in the same fashion as they consume their food.  Quick fragmented texts or chats that mundanely list what the person did that day.  Gtg, ttyl and such forms of expression have zero impact on a relationship.  

Robots can write better than some humans.   Some great writing still exists (books, some TV shows, movie scripts, plays), but, like cooking, it is not a frequent activity in a typical home.  Surviving?  As bad processed food, the inability to expressively write will also lead to an unhealthy state.

Cooking and writing should not only be ‘spectator sports.’   Instead, they are necessary components of surviving. 

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  2. Yes, some people complain on other social media that they are sick of looking at photos of food. It inspires me to create. If you are sick of looking at food don't look.

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