Monday, December 21, 2015

The Facebook Experiment - Day 1

Social media can be a powerful tool.  But Facebook has recently turned into a draining experience.  I used to enjoy my occasional Facebook break.  Checking photos, status updates  and ‘keeping in touch.’ With 450+ Facebook friends this turned into a very different venture that mostly comprised of scrolling.  As the saying goes ‘go with your instinct.’ The chaotic noise of Facebook interactions was drowning out my own thoughts and focus.  It was time to deactivate my account; take a break.

I do find some valuable aspects of this tool but it’s gotten to the point of a fractured and disjointed Borg collective with Borg cliques. 

I found myself taking occasional Facebook breaks during the day to supposedly relieve stress or take the focus off of some more intense and stressful situation.  It was supposed to be a mindless activity. Instead it turned out to be not only a time waster, but at some subconscious level a total distraction made up of noise that was affecting me negatively, It was time to deactivate the account. 

My goal is that by being completely cut off from Facebook, I will figure out the best way to use this tool. For example,  the optimal frequency-once a week, twice a week?  Optimize the settings so I don’t hear the noise.   By being away for a month, I will break the habit of mindless scrolling and that bad effect.

Results of day 1 – success, the noise is gone.  I thought I would miss the periodic checks but I didn’t.   This experiment is also a great way to see who the real ‘friends’ are.  

And  it’s not addiction after all.  

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