Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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"Ch ch  ch ch changes...."

While this blog has been a great way for me to share some expertise around creating some foods in unique ways, it’s time to change things up.

I initially started this blog almost five years ago to share techniques on how to create delicious food while avoiding the usual pitfalls of processed foods and the diseases that accompany them. Working full time, driving a sizable commute and having a  full blown career would have been perfect excuses to ditch the kitchen and home cooking.  But I couldn’t and wouldn’t for various reasons.  So over time, I recorded my recipes and have gotten encouraging feedback from readers. I have even used my blog to refresh my memory of a certain dish preparation.  But I didn’t keep up with the blog.  I cooked and cooked, but writing down portions and photographing was somewhat tedious. 

These cooking techniques were initially necessitated by my son’s food issues (which we still have some of) and my refusal to succumb to processed food in my kitchen.  No, I won’t use high sodium cream of mushroom soup for a casserole.  I refuse to use use ‘food like’ ingredients.  This blog is a way to show that yes, you can have a career, and not feed your kids processed garbage or bland boring food (the image of what a healthy meal consists of).  It proved that if you chose to consume some ingredients (or can’t), there is a way to introduce flavor.  And ultimately nothing inspires one to go in the kitchen after long workday like photos of a great home cooked meal and tips on how it was accomplished. 

Will I ever post more recipes on this blog?  Yes, maybe.  Why the shift in direction of this blog then?  Because food is just one ingredient in life,  One element in that spectrum, it’s time to include other elements.    Much like processed food can kill our bodies and destroy our ability to reach our full potential, complacent thinking does the same.

So what will I blog about now?  Not fully defined yet, but it will include a broader spectrum of managing and creating change beyond food. It will need to have enough focus to be useful, applicable and helpful too.

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