Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The refreshing taste of the Mediterranean - Rose Water Lemonade

Organic lemonade and rosewater

With my strong love for Middle Eastern cuisine, music and beverages, this is a summer treat.  In the winter, it’s Turkish coffee or mint tea but after a little time in the sun, I needed something to cool off with.  The choices were typical soft drink, water, club soda, some form of ice tea.  No, I didn’t want any alcoholic beverages – I actually find these choices more refreshing and I need to finish a work project.

Rose water lemonade is heavenly.  Most Middle Eastern restaurants serve it.  This simple and delicious beverage is available at the Egyptian booth at International folk fest and Arab World Fest. 

I happened to have some organic strawberry lemonade available and I always have rose water.  Rose water is a great addition to Middle Eastern desserts as well as Indian desserts.  For example, the popular Indian dessert Gulab Jamun has rose water; gulab means rose. 

This is so simple.  Fill up a glass with ice, pour in lemonade of you choice (not an over sweetened one) and add rosewater to taste, stir and enjoy.   I’m not a big lemonade drinker….but rosewater makes a huge difference.

(note:  you can find rosewater in the middle eastern section of most grocery stores these days)

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