Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Days and Hearts

Broken hearts like this are good

Although I like to go out for quiet dinners, I don’t ignore my children for this day.

Some say it’s a Hallmark holiday…some go all out for this.  I view it as another day to make others feel somewhat special.
This year I got to go out on Sunday and with Valentine’s Day being a Monday (work day) it seemed better to stay home and celebrate.
After a long day at work (along with my long commute), I decided to make sure that we have a cookie cake (heart shaped).  So with Jordan’s help I made the cookie dough into a heart shaped pan.  Because this has been a hectic year so far, I’ve had a few mishaps.  I couldn’t find my Wilton pastry bags for decorating.  So instead, I used a ziplock bags with the usual Wilton tips.  I also wasn’t in the mood for adding color (even natural…..boiled beets make the best Valentine’s Day colors), I just kept it white.   Various events of the evening led to a real late decorating session, so I rushed through the whole thing….but it still looks nice.  Even more important-the cake/frosting tastes phenomenal.  Cookies with frosting are the best.  Another great aspect of course-it is dairy free and is made with not the super processed ingredients.
The cookie recipe is the cookie dough recipe in an earlier blog

 and the frosting is similar to my mocha frosting.

Decorating Frosting

3 cups of powder sugar
1.5 cups Spectrum Organic shortening
1 tsp vanilla

(no soy milk or coconut milk-we need a drier frosting for decorating)

Slowly add the sugar to Spectrum and beat until whipped, add the vanilla.

Gifts, dinner and cookie cake done without any major mishaps.  For a long day, that sounds like an accomplishment.

Decided to be quick and keep it had to use some last minute pastry bags

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  1. It was delicious....I think not having any color (natural or fake) led to the frosting taste delicious.....I can always taste a trace of whatever the color is. Although I didn't cover it etc...the frosting tastes so whipped too....