Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google Rolls Out New Search Tool for Recipes

Google Rolls Out New Search Tool for Recipes

This is going to make searching for recipes easier. Typically, when I develop a new recipe I search through quite a few. I narrow it down to the top 3-4 and then develop a recipe from that. Since I'm trying to avoid some ingredients (e.g., dairy), I can simply check 'no.' I tried this with Chicken Biryani which is typically made with yogurt. By check 'no' for yogurt I was able to find recipes without. This makes search a lot easier. Of course google can really fine tune some advertising from this. If I continually check 'no' to dairy, I'll be more likely to find non dairy ads.  

You can also check 'yes' for some ingredients.  For example, I searched for french silk pie and I checked 'yes' for tofu.  So I got the non dairy versions.

This will really help with recipe search/development.

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