Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Prowess of Pancit Canton

Noodles that you don’t boil separately and noodles that absorb the flavor of the sauce better than any other noodles I have used, including rice noodles. Pancit Canton is a noodle used in Filipino cooking.  The beauty of these noodles is that you do not have to prepare them separately.  Instead you incorporate them into your stir fry towards the end and in about 8-10 minutes they cook.  This process allows them to absorb the flavor of the sauce you are preparing while cooking.  I haven’t been able to replicate this blend of flavors with other noodles.  

Simple steps to making Pancit Canton:

Proceed with your stir fry as usual

Incorporate about 10 minutes (so don’t overcook your vegetables before)-make the stir fry a bit saucier than normal.  For example, add some chicken broth to the mix so the pancit has something to cook in (the liquid should NOT cover the noodles…it should be enough for the pancit to cook in).  Cook on medium high for about 8-10 minutes.  Add more liquid if necessary (make sure you don’t dilute the flavor of the sauce too much, so you may need to add the other sauces as well).

You will see the noodle getting softer (occasionally stir, again make sure there is enough liquid).  Once done, drizzle some sesame oil and stir on medium heat for that authentic Asian flavor and serve. 

Note:  I use the Wildwood Super Firm Tofu not only because it’s easier to deal with (no draining, etc.) but also because it’s higher in protein.  I marinate it and bake it (note, you can also pan fry it, but it’s more work). This was a simple but so tasty dinner.

This is how it looks when you add to your stir fry

One of the popular brands of Pancit Canton (note there is no shellfish in this...just  a bad illustration)

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  2. Good luck with them - I just love the simplicity and flavor of these noodles.