Monday, April 8, 2013

Distress Scramble

After sautéing add the eggs very slows and stir gently on medium heat,
 make sure the creamy consistency is retained

Sautee vegetables

It was one of those days.  Long work day, long commute, and various taxes due (increased ones).  Eating was not a high priority.  At 8 PM I had a choice of:

  1. Carry out
  2. Dine out
  3. Not eat (was most tempted to do this)
  4. Try to find something healthy eat home and prepare it (but not in the mood)

Options 1 and 2 were not appealing because I knew most quick outside solutions would be unhealthy, high in sodium and fat.  Sure I occasionally indulge in such items, but one can do this only so many times and get away with it. 
I really was tempted to skip a meal since I wasn’t even hungry.

I finally settled on option 4.  I had some organic eggs, baby portabella mushrooms and some other vegetables.  This is a very flexible dish.  You can use what you have, I wish I had spinach, but didn’t.  Also, , tomato is a common ingredient for this dish, but I didn’t have any.

Simple Recipe:

Gently beat 10 organic eggs and add a little paprika
Chop a small or half of a large onion
Chop 1-2 garlic
Boil some potatoes (but don’t overboil) and chop
Wash and slice mushrooms
Chop parsley (1tsp)
Optional -Various spices that you like (e.g., cumin, turmeric…but in very small quantity)

And other vegetables as desired.

Pan fry vegetables in olive oil (not extra virgin as it has a lower smoking point).
Typically add the onions first, then mushrooms and towards the end potatoes and the chopped garlic.

When onions are translucent and vegetables look ready, slowly pour eggs in medium batches and stir.  Keep gently stirring until done.
This was tasty and there is nothing to feel bad about (not with the dish at least).

This is not a frittata, but it has a very creamy consistency.

The only problem, I don't want to waste the great flavor on doing taxes.

Note:  Organic eggs do have much better nutritional content than their non organic version (the chicken’s diet impacts the nutrients in the eggs).

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