Monday, January 16, 2012

Post Commute Chicken Marsala with Orzo

This a relatively simple yet tasty dish and no unhealthy ingredients required for flavor.  Chicken Marsala is festive to some, but here it’s a great after work dinner.

1.5 pound boneless chicken breast (I chose free range chicken)
1-1.5 cups Marsala wine (not the fake one from grocery section)-I like to blend two different brands
¾  cup organic free range chicken broth
¼ stick Earth Balance Soy butter
3-4 tbs. 365 Expeller Pressed Canola oil or Bertolli Classico Olive Oil (NOT extra virgin-EVO is not an ideal pan frying oil and its flavor is too strong)
flour (a light flour, if you are avoiding gluten use rice flour)
3 free range organic eggs-hand beaten (there is a difference between mass produced eggs-the omega 3s) - if you are avoiding eggs...use Ener G egg replacer mixture 

Cut the chicken breast lengthwise
Pound the chicken with a mallet

Dredge chicken breast into flour
Then dip into egg
Then dredge in flour again

(you can slightly season the flour with garlic powder – not garlic salt)

Put oil and Earth Balance Soy butter into a frying pan and heat….brown the chicken about 5 minutes on each side.

Turn once, but due to uneven heat, keep an eye on each may need to move it around to get consistent results.

Pour Marsala wine into the frying pan and deglaze.

This is why you should NOT use a no stick pan....this is perfect for deglazing

Simmer chicken in wine about 15-20 minutes (covered)-this really tenderizes and flavors the chicken.

After 20 minutes, remove the chicken breast and put aside.
Pour in some chicken stock (this is based on preference-I like more wine than stock….so it has more marsala flavor)

Reduce the liquid (this will thicken in slightly)

Add salt (a pinch is enough) and pepper and a slight amount of Earth Balance Soy butter to make it creamier – whisk.

Return chicken to pan and slightly heat up.

Serve with orzo tossed in olive oil.  I’ve also served this dish  with roasted diced potatoes, rice or other side dishes. The sauce should NOT be overly thick.

You can garnish with parsley. 

Some people like mushrooms to be part of their Marsala.  I don’t like my Chicken Marsala to try to be too many things….the mushroom takes away from the Marsala flavor.

If there are any leftovers, they will taste great the next day (my son calls leftovers on this one).

I’ve had this dish in restaurants, but I like the flavor of this version the most.  Light sauce with a nice Marsala taste.

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