Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Birthday Cake …made for me

A cake baked for me for my birthday...delicious and allergen free

As most of my blog entries, this one is about food.  And as most food, it’s not just caloric intake to satisfy some basic hunger. 

For various reasons, my birthday celebration with my daughter was a few days early.  Instead of getting some dessert that was store bought (which a tough find because I really don’t consume dairy) and would exclude Jordan (due to his food allergies), she made a birthday cake for me.  Because it’s allergen free, Jordan could also eat this cake.  She couldn’t buy commercial decorator icing (never know if they are cross contaminated).  Instead, I got unique candles. 

I haven’t had a birthday cake baked for me since I was a teen (baked by my mother).  After that I got cakes from bakeries (some real good ones).  Then once my son’s food allergies kicked in, that also ended.  I wouldn’t celebrate with a cake he couldn’t eat and I wouldn’t bake a cake for myself (pathetic). 

Cherrybrook Kitchen is a family owned business (inspired by their daughter with multiple food allergies).  The mixes are made in a dedicated facility that is free of dairy, nuts, tree nuts and eggs (so no worries about cross contamination).  So if you are not big on baking, this is a great substitute for making a cake from scratch.  Or if you hope that a family member or friend will bake you a cake for a change, drop a hint about Cherrybrook Kitchen.

After being surprised by this homemade cake, I realized that I do prefer a homemade cake to a store bought one.  There is a lot more thought and effort that goes into it.

Cherrybrook Kitchen cake and frosting for people who are not expert bakers but do want to make someone feel good

(note:  the frosting mix was made with Spectrum)

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  1. Happy Birthday. Nice to see your new blogs. Catching over here myself. Glad you enjoyed your cake and that fried chicken. Peace. Kelly